How we helped a seller sell an old rental – Mishawaka Indiana

How we helped a seller sell an old rental - Mishawaka Indiana
Video Transcription

Bob and Delores were great, and very fun to be around. Bob and Delores had a multifamily property in Mishawaka and they called us after receiving a mailer from us. All units needed work and were vacant and we were able to structure a cash deal that made the situation a win win. We helped Delores and Bob sell their house fast in Mishawaka. We paid cash and closed quickly on this 4 unit multifamily property that was distressed and vacant. See what they had to say about the process.

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Transcript below

Speaker 1: We-

Speaker 2: Got a card. I think that-

Speaker 1: We got a card in the mail-

Speaker 2: You mailed out a card.

Speaker 1: … with your phone number, and I called the number and left a message, and you called me back.

Speaker 3: Okay.

Speaker 1: And that was pretty much how we got hooked up.

Speaker 3: Okay. And then when we did, how’d the process go for you?

Speaker 2: Smooth.

Speaker 3: Smooth?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 3: Okay.

Speaker 1: I have to say it went well.

Speaker 2: Went well, yeah.

Speaker 1: You stayed in touch so we knew what was going on.

Speaker 3: Sure, sure.

Speaker 1: If it wasn’t a phone call, it was an email.

Speaker 3: Sure.

Speaker 1: But he didn’t always know about the emails because, like I say, I look at them early, so …

Speaker 3: Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 2: She keeps me in the dark a lot.

Speaker 3: It might be better that way.

Speaker 2: Yeah, that’s right.

Speaker 3: And then if someone else was in a similar situation, would you recommend us to work with and maybe why?

Speaker 2: I would, yes.

Speaker 1: Oh, I would.

Speaker 2: I would [crosstalk 00:00:53]

Speaker 1: Yeah, I would recommend you.

Speaker 2: You’re a good guy.

Speaker 1: Just simply because you-

Speaker 2: You follow through, just humanized it, and you’re very pleasant to work with.

Speaker 3: Sure, okay.

Speaker 2: And I wish you luck with it [crosstalk 00:01:04].

Speaker 3: I’ll need all the help I can get.

Speaker 2: Yes, yeah.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I’d volunteer, but I [inaudible 00:01:04]

Speaker 3: Yeah, [crosstalk 00:01:04]-

Speaker 2: I have a hard time. I know everything, but yeah, no.

Speaker 3: We can bring you on part-time.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Thank you, no.

Speaker 3: Keep you away from the table saws.

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